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  • Affinity Health Plan (originally known as the Bronx Health Plan) opened for business in early 1987. Our founder, Maura Bluestone, had one goal in mind: to offer affordable, high quality health care coverage to needy New Yorkers by working closely with community health centers and other primary care practices. We were the first health plan licensed in New York State to serve public-sector health programs. We have grown from a handful of Members in 1987 to more than 265,000 today. Below is a summary of how we got there.

    • 1987: we began offering a Medicaid managed care program to beneficiaries in the Bronx; we expanded our program to Manhattan in 1990.
    • 1991: we opened our Child Health Plus program.
    • 1999: we bought GENESIS Healthplan. We expanded our service area to include all of New York City and Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Orange counties.
    • 2001: we began offering New York State's Family Health Plus (FHP) program.
    • 2002: we became known as Affinity Health Plan when we combined the businesses of The Bronx Health Plan and GENESIS Healthplan.
    • 2003: we introduced our Sunrise program for uninsured workers in lower Manhattan who suffered job loss due to the World Trade Center attack. This program, since closed, was funded by the September 11th Fund.
    • 2005: we opened our first Community Service Center (CSC). Today, we have 17 Affinity Community Service Center, making it easier for you to reach us and to benefit from the services we offer.
    • 2007: we began to offer two Medicare Advantage programs, Affinity Medicare Ultimate and Affinity Medicare Solutions. These programs are for eligible people in New York City. We also offer a Medicaid Advantage program.
    • 2013: we began offering our coverage programs on the New York Health Insurance Exchange, and expanded our Medicare service area to the Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Orange counties.

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The mission of Affinity Health Plan is to improve the health and well-being of its Members, their families, and their communities in collaboration with primary care providers.

Affinity strives to be the health plan of choice for its Members and its providers -- known for assuring access to high quality, cost-effective care; delivering the best customer experience; and contributing significantly to achieving a patient-centered health care system.

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