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  • Member Incentive
  • The Journey to Your Best Health Starts Now and Affinity is Here to Support You!

    Be Rewarded For Receiving the Care You Need

    Affinity Health Plan is committed to helping you and your family live a healthy life! Through our Member Rewards Program, Affinity members are eligible to receive gift cards based on the type of screening/service they receive from a qualified physician. Screenings can identify certain risk factors for diseases, and regular doctor visits help monitor your current health.

    The road to better health and rewards is simple:

    • Step 1
      Review the Child Health Plus Member Rewards Chart to learn about the screenings/services included in the Member Rewards Program.

    • Step 2
      Call your primary care physician at the number listed on your Affinity identification card, and make an appointment for one or more of these screenings and services now.

    • Step 3
      Print the Member Rewards Program Tracking Form for Child Health Plus and bring it with you to your doctor’s visit.

    • Step 4
      At the end of your visit, ask your doctor to date and sign your Member Rewards Program Tracking Form and send the completed form to Affinity.

    • Step 5
      Receive your gift card and spend what you’ve earned!

    If you have any questions about Affinity’s Member Rewards Program, please email Affinity’s Quality Management Department at or call 718.794.7764.

    Program Guidelines