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    Important Numbers and Contacts

    Call, write, fax or follow the Web links to get answers:


    Grievance and Appeals (GA), including expedition
    Phone: 888.543.9069
    Fax: 718.536.3358

    Phone: 888.543.9074
    Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. (ET)

    Medical Services

    Medical Emergency
    Phone: 911

    Phone: 888.543.9074

    Beacon Health Options (Mental Health program)
    Phone: 888.438.1914

    Phone: 866.731.8004

    Superior Vision
    Phone: 866.810.3312

    CVS Caremark Pharmacy
    Phone: 855.722.6228

    • Authorization: 877.432.6793
    • Appeals: 888.543.9069

    Laboratory Services

    BioReference Laboratories
    Phone: 800.229.5227

    • GeneDX: 888.729.1206
    • GenPath Women’s Health: 800.633.4522
    • GenPath Oncology: 800.627.1479

    Empire City Laboratories, Inc.
    Phone: 718.788.3840

    Phone: 888.522.2677

    • Integrated Oncology: 800.710.1800
    • Dianon Systems, Inc.: 800.328.2666
    • Integrated Genetics: 800.848.4436
    • Litholink Corporation: 800.338.4333
    • MedTox Laboratories, Inc.: 800.832.3244
    • Monogram Biosciences, Inc.: 800.777.0177

    Lenco Diagnostic Lab
    Phone: 855.870.0097

    Spectra (including Shiel Medical Lab)
    Phone: 800.553.0873

    Sunrise Medical Laboratories
    Phone: 800.782.0282

    Xeron Clinical Laboratories
    Phone: 718.762.3310

    Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
    Phone: 866.697.8378

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Company Name Affinity Health Plan


The mission of Affinity Health Plan is to improve the health and well-being of its Members, their families, and their communities in collaboration with primary care providers.

Affinity strives to be the health plan of choice for its Members and its providers -- known for assuring access to high quality, cost-effective care; delivering the best customer experience; and contributing significantly to achieving a patient-centered health care system.

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Affinity Health Plan
1776 Eastchester Road
Bronx, New York, 10461
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