Affinity Health Plan

    • Michael G. Murphy
      Michael G. Murphy President and Chief Executive Officer

      Michael G. Murphy was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Affinity Health Plan in March 2017. Throughout his career, Mr. Murphy has distinguished himself as an innovative and strategic healthcare leader, with extensive experience leading both public and private healthcare organizations.

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    • Steve Giasi
      Steve Giasi Chief Financial Officer

      As Chief Financial Officer, Steve Giasi is responsible for the day-to-day management of the financial operations and functions at Affinity Health Plan, including accounts payable, membership accounting, and billing and budgeting.

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    • Ajhezza A. Gonzalez
      Ajhezza A. Martinez Senior Vice President of Network Operations

      Ajhezza A. Martinez is the Senior Vice President of Network Operations, which includes all hospital contracting, provider relations, credentialing, and provider data maintenance.

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    • Clara Hansen
      Clara Hansen Vice President & Chief of Staff – Corporate Planning & Initiatives

      Clara Hansen is Vice President & Chief of Staff – Corporate Planning & Initiatives. She also heads up the Office of the CEO. Ms. Hansen first joined Affinity in April 2013

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    • Denise Pesich - 2015
      Denise J. Pesich Chief Marketing Officer

      Denise J. Pesich joined Affinity Health Plan in August, 2013 as Vice President, Brand Advancement and Customer Loyalty and, in October of 2015, assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer.

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    • Abbe Bio Pic
      Abenaa Udochi Senior Vice President; Executive Director, State Government Programs

      Abenaa Udochi oversees Affinity’s Medicaid and Child Health Plus plans in her role as Executive Director, State Government Programs.

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    • Edina Vukic - 2015
      Edina Vukic Senior Vice President, Sales & Community Engagement; Executive Director, Primary Care

      Edina Vukic oversees Affinity’s Primary Care Strategy and Sales and Community Engagement departments.

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    • Eric Walsh Bio Pic
      Eric Walsh Senior Vice President, Consumer Markets

      Eric Walsh is Senior Vice President Consumer Markets at Affinity Health Plan. In this role, Mr. Walsh provides oversight and leadership for all aspects of Affinity's Medicare, Qualified Health Plan and Essential Plan lines of business.

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    • Anita Wilenkin
      Anita Wilenkin Senior Vice President of Operations

      Anita Wilenkin, Senior Vice President of Operations, is responsible for the management of Claims, Customer Service, Enrollment & Billing, Quality, Risk Analysis, and Facilities & Administrative Services.

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