• Affinity Has Added Teladoc to Your Benefits!

  • Teladoc is a new Affinity benefit that provides quick access to a network of board-certified doctors who can help treat a wide range of health issues. If you are feeling sick or in pain, you can now skip the trip to the ER or urgent care center and schedule a virtual consultation with a doctor anytime and anywhere.

    With Teladoc, you can speak with a family doctor about non-urgent conditions like the flu, sinus infections, stomachaches, and other concerns. As part of your visit, you can use the Teladoc app to upload images of your health issue and get a treatment plan and prescription, if necessary.

    Set up your Teladoc account today to avoid the wait time of an office visit and receive treatment from the comfort of your home, day or night. All you need is a phone or internet connection and your Affinity ID to get started. Visit Teladoc.com/Affinity to learn more.