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  • Five things to consider when choosing a plan.

    Health care is hard enough, picking a plan shouldn't have to be confusing.
    Here are some questions to think about:

    • 1. Do you or a family member have ongoing health care needs throughout the year?

      If so, you may want to consider buying a higher premium (monthly cost) plan that will cover more of the costs of your health care needs as they arise throughout the year. A higher premium plan also has lower deductibles.

    • 2. Do you qualify for financial assistance?

      If so, you may be able to buy a plan with better cost sharing when you receive care.  It is important that you have the assurance of accessing your own doctors or choosing from a strong network of providers.  You may also want to take advantage of your financial assistance to buy a higher level plan so you will have a lower annual deductible and lower out-of-pocket expenses.

    • 3. Are you willing to pay more now to limit your expenses in the future? Or would you prefer to limit your monthly expenses and plan for costs as they come up?

      If you prefer to limit your expenses in the future, you should buy a higher metal level plan (the highest is Platinum). If you prefer to limit your monthly premium expense now and plan for health care costs as they arise later, then you should opt for a lower metal level plan (the lowest is Bronze). Remember that you must select the Silver plan to access cost sharing government subsidies if your income level qualifies you. For those who qualify (you must be under 30 or have a government certified hardship exemption), you may choose to buy the Catastrophic plan, but the coverage included in this plan is much more limited. Please be sure to review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage document. The Catastrophic plan does not have a metal level label.

    • 4. Does the plan offer a broad network of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies?

      The network of providers and pharmacies is a big part of what drives the price you are paying for coverage between one insurer and another insurer. However, be assured that all Affinity metal level plans have access to the same Affinity provider and pharmacy networks. If you want to ensure that your doctors and preferred hospitals and pharmacies are available to you and you want to have peace of mind that you will have good provider choices when you need it, then check out our Provider Directory to see who is available to you.

    • 5. Does the plan cover wellness essentials like vaccinations and check-ups?

      Yes.  All Affinity Essential plans cover preventive health care services such as vaccinations, screenings, and preventative care check-ups. These are available to you at no additional out-of-pocket cost once you have purchased coverage. Please be sure to review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage document for the plan you want to purchase.

  • Treatment Cost Calculator

    Treatment Cost Calculator

    This Treatment Cost Calculator will help you better understand the potential costs of obtaining health care services when you need treatment. In English | En Español

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