• Change in Affinity’s DMEPOS Network

  • Effective February 1, 2020, Affinity Health Plan will be changing its Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic and Orthotic Supplier (DMEPOS) IPA from ReliCare to Integra Partners IPA. The Integra Partners network is significantly larger than that of ReliaCare, and as a result, most of the DMEPOS providers in our current network will continue to be available to your patients, our members.

    Additionally, Affinity will maintain relationships with a limited number of DME providers that offer highly specialized products and services, enabling Affinity to provide the most comprehensive DMEPOS network possible while minimizing service gaps.

    To avoid disruption in patient care, Affinity will continue to honor current DME rental agreements based upon authorizations approved prior to February 1, 2020.  However, once the authorization expires you will need to refer your Affinity members/patients to a DMEPOS provider within the Integra network or one of the limited specialty providers.

    Our online provider directory is available at  http://providerlookup.affinityplan.org/ to help you and your patient locate an in-network DMEPOS provider.  If you prefer, we can also select a DMEPOS supplier for your patient.  You may call our Member Service Department toll free at 877.234.4499, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, if you have questions or need help in finding a new DMEPOS provider.   If you use a telephone device for the hearing or speech impaired, you may call 711.  You may also contact Integra toll free at 888.729.8818 or via Email at Info@accessintegra.com.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your provider relations representative at ProviderRelations@affinityplan.org.