• HEDIS® - QARR Measures Tip Sheets

  • Affinity Health Plan is committed to improving patient health outcomes  through  partnerships with our providers. As you know, the HEDIS®/QARR measures set is used as a performance tool to help monitor specific quality indicators throughout the year. To that end, Affinity’s Quality Management Department has developed HEDIS®/QARR measures “Tip Sheets” for providers and clinical staff to clarify the intent and requirement of each measure.

    Each HEDIS®/QARR Tip Sheet is designed to be an at-your-fingertips resource, highlighting key features about the measure, required services to achieve compliance, documentation guidelines, and industry standard suggestions to ensure that you meet the measures’ requirements.

    The HEDIS®/QARR Tip Sheets are organized in alphabetical order based on the proper HEDIS® measure name, with the three letter abbreviation included for your reference. You can download the HEDIS®/QARR Tip Sheets by individual measure or as a complete set.

    The HEDIS®/ QARR Tip Sheets are available in the Provider Toolkit at https://www.affinityplan.org/Providers/Provider-Toolkit/HEDIS®---QARR-Measures-Tip-Sheets/HEDIS®----QARR-Measures-Tip-Sheets/