• Message from the Chief Medical Officer

  • Dr. Scott Breidbart

    As the Chief Medical Officer at Affinity Health Plan, I am pleased to announce the revival of our provider newsletter, Synergy.  In this issue, we feature an explanation of our new medical policies, an article on the importance of getting the flu vaccine, information on the 2018 provider incentive program and announcements/updates about Affinity.

    We understand that our providers have many options among insurance plans, and we thank you for your partnership. At Affinity, we have been working hard to eliminate redundancy, expedite claims payments and appeal decisions, and accurately answer your questions and concerns.

    Thank you again for your continued participation in our provider network and for helping us improve the quality of care for our members. We look forward to collaborating with you to achieve optimal outcomes for your patients, our members.

    We invite your feedback regarding Synergy. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for upcoming issues at synergy@affinityplan.org.