• Statin Therapy Tips

  • In Affinity’s Synergy spring newsletter, our Quality Management department outlined the CDC’s position on statin therapy and provided the HEDIS®/QARR Tip Sheet for the “Statin Therapy for Patients With Cardiovascular Disease (SPC)” quality measure.  Below, we’ve summarized how to improve statin adherence in our Medicaid patients and how providers can participate in that process.

    Patients enrolled in Medicaid must refill their statin prescriptions every 30 days, allowing Affinity to track when they are due to refill and when they are at-risk for becoming non-compliant.

    How will Affinity reach out to patients and their providers?

    • Affinity is reminding patients who are due to pick up their statin prescriptions within two weeks via robocalls.
    • Patients who miss refilling theirprescription (by 1 to 30 days) will receive a letter encouraging them to pick up their statin medication, and reminding them why this medication is important to their health.
    • In the fall 2019 member newsletter, Affinity reiterates the importance of general medication adherence and offers tips for improving medication management.
    • Members receive report cards, identifying their specific health needs and highlighting areas for focus and improvement. Adherence to statin therapy for cardiovascular health is included in this report card.
    • Prescribing providers can check the provider portal at Affinityplan.org for monthly reports on their patients who are on statins, highlighting members who are out of compliance.
    • Providers can reach out to their clinical quality contact within the Quality Management Department (QM@Affinityplan.org) for additional assistance in understanding the data and addressing barriers to improvement in adherence.