• The Member Rewards Program Has Returned for 2020

  • As part of our efforts to encourage members to get necessary preventive care services, Affinity Health Plan has re-launched its wellness program. Members are encouraged to receive preventive screenings and follow up with their providers for care of chronic conditions. In doing so, eligible members can receive rewards. Services received throughout 2020 are eligible for incentives as per the chart below:

    Member Rewards Program 2020

    To obtain gift card rewards, members need to:

    1. Call their primary care physician to make an appointment for one or more of the incentivized services.
    2. Print the Rewards Tracking Form for the Affinity line of business in which they are enrolled, whether it is Medicaid, Child Health Plus or Enriched Health, and bring it to their visit; or, ask their provider to print it for them.
    3. At the end of their visit, ask their provider to date and sign the Rewards Tracking Form.
    4. Send the completed form to Affinity within six months of the date of service. If mailing, members are advised to keep a copy for themselves.

    If you or your patients have any questions about Affinity’s member rewards program, please feel free to visit our website at AffinityPlan.org/MDRewards, e-mail Rewards@Affinity Plan.org or call Affinity’s Quality Management Department at 718.794.7764 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.